Lucidi Distilling Co. is located in the Old Town Peoria Entertainment District and is housed at the Historic Fire Station No. 1. Originally constructed in 1920 as Peoria’s first movie theater, the building later became our first fire station in 1954. Operating as a fire station until 2006, this historic building has housed many of our city’s vital first responders over the years. That character and attitude is still found within the original brick and concrete walls. In an effort to show our appreciation, and more importantly to honor our past, the name on the building remains: “FIRE STATION NO. 1”.

Lucidi Distilling Co. makes daily mash runs using state of the art equipment, along with its hybrid pot still. At 330 gallons capacity, running one shift per day, we can easily make up to 120,000 bottles of spirits per year. We are crafting (and in some cases importing) 22 batch flavors of vodka and moonshine (coming soon), along with gins, whiskeys, bourbons, agave spirits, rums, bitters, and other miscellaneous specialty spirits. We have scheduled tours 2 days a week, and would love to show you just how much care goes into each and every bottle. Generous samplings and a cocktail are included of course. You can even buy a full bottle of your favorite spirit to take with you. You can find all of the tasty details and book an appointment on the Tours page.


An open promise to my friends and customers: Some of the best spirits in the world are manufactured thousands of miles away from Arizona. There currently exist two types of “craft distilleries” in the marketplace. The first kind makes everything from scratch, onsite, from grain to glass. It’s a phenomenal approach and the most pure in most distiller’s opinions.

The second kind of distillery buys from large institutional distilleries that make spirits for a lot of well- known brand names you have almost certainly tried. The level of transparency on the other hand, of these companies, leaves something to be desired. They claim terms like “handmade”, “hand crafted”, “small batch”, “artesian”, and a slew of other marketing related buzz words.

Look, taste is a subjective matter. I happen to be a huge fan of some mass produced “craft” spirits, and you can find them in my home bar, and my family’s restaurants valley wide. That being said, what are Lucidi Distilling Co.’s spirits like, and where are they made?

Well, to answer that question, I’d have to say BOTH! There is good reasoning for it as well. Arizona State law allows our distillery to have a tasting room, and it furthermore allows us to serve any drink that we “produce”. Knowing that we can make vodka from grain to bottle in less than 5 days, along with gin and moonshine; that is a great thing. But what if you wanted a taste of aged rum, tequila, whiskey, or bourbon? Well, I wouldn’t be able to serve you according to state law for a series 18 craft distillery license.

Being a small startup craft distillery, we don’t feel we should (or could) wait, for example, 5-10 years for a solid bourbon before we can sell you the first one. We have sourced some of the best spirits available to fill this immediate need at our grand opening, and up to the point where our spirits have aged to perfection.

My promise to you, my customer, is that I will always tell you if what you are drinking was really 100% made by us, and what wasn’t. That being said all of those barrels aging in the distillery are ours, and in a few years, I can take this page down and transition to 100% grain to bottle, in house.  As of the time of this being written, we are the only distillery in the state with this level of transparency, and we feel that truth in distilling, is the best policy.

Christopher Q. Lucidi, Founder & Distiller


Get your family and friends and come see a real craft distillery in action. Tours are available on Sunday at 1PM, along with other times for large or private parties.  Prices starting at $14 per person and comes with generous samples of 3 kinds of spirits, and a custom made signature cocktail.